Sexting: No Take Backs

SextingThe issue of sexting has been an increasingly popular topic in our society. I’m sure many of us have stumbled across online articles that have reported on celebrities taking part in this activity. While some of these reports may not be true, the truth as to whether the celebrities actually sent their partners intimate content over the phone or internet is not what we should be concerned about. The fact that sexting is such a common and well heard of activity is the problem. While we have heard of many incidents involving leaking of nude photos and the extreme consequences that result from sending racy messages, sexting still continues.  The topic has become such a real issue, that there are writers who have investigated and wrote about sexting in articles and books. In fact, Jo Ann Oravec addresses some of the issues involving sexting and speaks of the consequences in an article titled The Ethics of Sexting.  For example, Oravec writes that the sexting does not only involve the sender of the message or image, but many peripheral individuals play a role as well. Other people that may play potential roles in sexting include potential receivers, image and text modifiers, and retransmitters. A lot of people mistakenly think that sexting ends when their intended recipient gets their message, but that is often not the case. By sending racy pictures and messages through the phone or online, people take the risk of the content being shared with multiple parties. In my opinion, if people intend for their intimate messages and pictures to be kept private and out of the reach of others, it is best not to send them in the first place. Once a text or picture is sent to others, there is no telling where it may it end up.


Of course, there have been many incidents involving the leakage of nude photos or racy text messages. The ones that are most salient have been sexting scandals involving celebrities. In fact, the Huffingtonpost has reported quite a few of them. For example, semi-nude photos of Christina Aguilera were leaked in 2010, nude photos of Snooki, from “Jersey Shore,” were leaked in both 2010 and 2012, and nude photos of Paris Hilton were also leaked in 2005. In the case of Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton, the photos were leaked by hackers. Christina Aguilera’s photos were reportedly taken from her stylist’s computer, and the photos of Paris Hilton were hacked from her phone. While the celebrities had not sent these pictures of themselves to other recipients, their cases prove that it is not safe to have nude or even semi-nude pictures of themselves on phones and laptops. The fact that they did not send those photos themselves did not keep them from being leaked.

So, in the end, what’s the main lesson to take home from all of this? If you don’t want your nude pictures or intimate messages out in the open for the world to see, DON’T TAKE THE PICTURES OR SEND THE TEXTS AT ALL! Get a room and do it all behind closed doors (and covered windows). There is no need to leave evidence to share with the world.